Russian ‘Fallout 2’ mod finally gets English translation

Now English speakers can also ascend Olympus

A well-loved Fallout 2 mod called Olympus 2207 has had an English translation since its original release in 2014.

The mod was developed by Nebesa Games and uses Fallout 2 as a basis for an entirely new story set in Silicon Valley in the year 2207. The game is centered around the Olympus skyscraper, an elusive tower for the rich that remains closed. “The ultimate dream of anyone living in the Radius was, and still is, to get into the ‘Olympus’.”

Fallout 2 mod Olympus 2207
Olympus 2207 Credit: Bethesda


“The fortified “Olympus” skyscraper rises right in the center of Radius, luring everyone who sees it. Lined with solar panels, it gleams in the sun like a beacon, attracting more and more hungry people from the remotest corners of Radius.”

The game also features slight changes to the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat system, a crafting mechanic, and the ability to hack and use workbenches. There is no main quest, with the player able to become a hero or villain of their choosing.

Olympus 2077 went under the radar since releasing in 2014, but this translation seems to have given it a new lease on life, with one Reddit user saying: “Just started but I can confidently say it captures the Fallout atmosphere in an amazing way, it feels like being a kid and getting a Fallout 2 sequel. The intro should be enough to know if it’s for you so check it out.”

A new developer, called Dieselship Studio, is also making a sequel to the Fallout 2 mod called Olympus 2249. This looks to be an entirely original game, made in the style of the original Fallout titles as an isometric post-apocalyptic RPG.

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