‘Rust’ introduces colour-coded names, real-world alarms, and more in June update

Along with a new ‘contact system’ designed to weed out potential enemies

Rust’s June update is set to bring a whole host of changes, including AI improvements, animals, and two new systems.

The first is a ‘contact system’, that according to Facepunch Studios, will allow you to scope out the likelihood of a player being an enemy far quicker. The system makes a note of other Rust players as you meet them, and labels any interaction with them as either positive, negative, hostile, or neutral.

This means Rust players’ nameplates will now be colour-coded, allowing for a quick assessment of their potential motivation for approaching. Names will also be revealed when players wave at each other.


The second system introduces some real-world tech to the game, in the form of the Rust + app offering links to smart devices. This means a real-world alarm can be triggered when players’ bases are raided in the game.

Rust AI is also getting a slight overhaul, replacing several outdated systems with one central one, meaning updates should be easier in future.

Players will now also be able to colour-code their wires to keep track of their function, and animals are receiving a large upgrade. “The animals in Rust have sucked for far too long,” read the blog post, which explained the decision to focus some of this update on a “fuzzy fur shader” and the removal of “redundant bones”.

Further updates to all of these systems are planned for the future, but this June update lays the groundwork for the Rust team to move forward with more ease.

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