‘Rust’ is adding sharks, spearguns and submarines

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Multiplayer survival game Rust is adding sharks in a new update tomorrow, so even underwater isn’t safe anymore.

The new update from Facepunch Studios will add single and double-seater submarines, torpedoes, spearguns, and the deadliest of underwater enemies – sharks.

You can even set off for a spot of fishing… if you survive long enough.


Luring players away from dry land, the new Rust update includes underwater labs – new procedurally-generated monuments which can be raided for loot. Inside, you’ll find hostile lab dwellers, so you’d better pack a speargun just to be sure.

And with access granted via “moonpools”, you’ll need to man one of the new submarines to get there.

Players can purchase submarines from fishing villages – 200 scrap for a solo sub and 300 scrap for a two-seater. There are also two different types of torpedoes available – one specifically for underwater threats (such as sharks and other subs) and another for surface targets such as boats.

Thinking of swimming down to one of the new labs? Think again – the addition of sharks to Rust is going to make that a bit tricky. Thankfully, they’re susceptible to torpedoes or a shot from the new speargun.

Additionally, fishing is being added to Rust during the same update. Grab a variety of different baits and sit on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away as you fill up on fish. You might even fish up some scrap – useful for nabbing one of those new submarines.


Rust YouTuber Shadowfrax previously revealed the new seafaring update. It’s now heading live on August 5, along with a server wipe.

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