Sam Barlow’s ‘Immortality’ delayed to late August

The upcoming “interactive movie trilogy” has been pushed back by a month

Her Story and Telling Lies creator Sam Barlow has delayed the launch of Immortality until the end of August to ensure it’s “as polished as possible,” according to Barlow’s Twitter.

The upcoming “interactive movie trilogy” was due to launch on July 26, but has been delayed until August 30. The delay was announced on Twitter, with Barlow explaining why Immortality has been pushed back:

“It has taken decades for Marissa Marcel’s work to find the light of day, so we’re happy to spend a month more to ensure the experience is as polished as possible. We hope everyone anticipating the game will understand this necessary evil and continue to prepare to dig into the most complex mystery we have tried to answer yet: What happened to Marissa Marcel?”


Half Mermaid, led by Barlow, has explained that Immortality will task players with finding clues hidden within historical footage to discover what happened to actress Marissa Marcel.  The scale for Immortality is far bigger than their previous efforts, and Barlow has previously stated it is “ten times more ambitious” than Telling Lies, and uses new technologies.

Whilst a month delay isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, Barlow still softened the blow for fans who were eagerly waiting for the new instalment by sharing some new screens from Immortality.

When NME spoke with Barlow back in May 2022, he stated that with Her Story he “had made a Marmite game that would really split opinion, and it didn’t, which was a huge surprise”. In regards to Immortality, Barlow went on to say that “I’m hoping this time I have actually made something that will divide opinion. We’ll see.”

Immortality will be released on the new date of August 30 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.

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