‘Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time’ skills and abilities revealed

Adult Swim Games breaks down the game’s combat ahead of its launch

Adult Swim Games has revealed a number of skills and abilities available in Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time ahead of the game’s release this Friday (August 21).

The upcoming hack-and-slash game, based on Cartoon Network’s hit 2000s animated series Samurai Jack, is driven by three RPG-style skill trees that allow players to improve Jack’s combat prowess, physical abilities and spiritual strength. Two aspects of gameplay – beginner skills, and advanced techniques – were showcased and explained via the game’s official Twitter account.


Players will start off learning how to parry attacks and counter enemies with their own offensive manoeuvres in Battle Through Time, with an emphasis on timing and tactical reactions.

As players battle their way past hordes of enemies and rack up combos, they’ll charge up energy to unleash an ultimate attack that will defeat all minions in Samurai Jack’s way. The attack will deal damage to bosses, but will not be as effective.

The Rushing Guard skillset will allow players to block attacks while moving forward. Attacking from the Rushing Guard stance will result in a special attack that automatically locks onto the nearest enemy.

A second video breaks down advance techniques that will come in handy as the game gets more difficult over its runtime. The Instant Guard stance will be an unlockable skill that will let players jump from offensive to defensive stances immediately, which will come in handy when players find themselves backed into a corner by a large group of enemies.

Throws will overpower enemy blocks, and will sometimes let players grab weapons off enemies. Players will also be able to launch enemies up into the air for a combo, without having to worry about surrounding enemies getting involved.


Players will be also able to unlock a variety of weapons as the game progresses, and can switch between up to four items while in a fight. Weapon switching can be done at the end of every combo, and will give players an edge on the competition.

Adult Swim Games notes that the techniques showcased so far are not the only abilities that the game has to offer, but that players will have to uncover the techniques for themselves after the game is released.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is set to release on August 21 on PCPS4Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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