‘Satisfactory’ update 5 will improve vehicle automation

Truck stations get a buff

Coffee Stain Studios has released a new Satisfactory video that details the upcoming changes to vehicle automation and truck stations.

The Satisfactory update video was posted alongside a written blog on the Steam page. The detailed changes should improve the automation of vehicle supply lines to ensure demands are met smoothly and without as much tinkering from players.

To create automated vehicle paths, players must get in the vehicle and record the route they want to be followed. However, the autopilot AI is not perfect and often makes mistakes. In update five, players will be able to save and load these vehicle paths. This will allow for multiple vehicles to be added to a route much faster than they previously could. Other changes were also detailed in the Steam post:


“We’ve made some changes to the underlying systems that make sure vehicles follow their designated path. Previously vehicles would only look towards their next waypoint whereas now they will instead take future waypoints into consideration making their pathing much more reliable. They’re still not going to behave 100% the way they did when you recorded their paths, but they’ll handle their pathing much more accurately than ever before.”

This also includes improved obstacle handling. Now vehicles will find an alternate route if they encounter a blockage by backing up and testing a new route. However, this system isn’t all-powerful and will only work if it’s a simple, small blockage. Vehicles will not path around walls or large structures that overlap their route.

To help keep supply consistent, vehicles will now ghost if they have a serious mishap on maintaining their route. What this means is that the vehicle will clip through terrain and force itself back onto the route. This will keep vehicles from getting trapped if they fall off of cliffs. While it isn’t a perfect solution, it is better than having an entire production line collapse because of one silly truck.

The truck station will also receive improvements in Satisfactory’s update five. The structure will now have two input and output slots which allows for a much greater throughput of resources. A new display will also indicate how many items are being loaded or unloaded. Importantly, this display also indicates how much fuel is needed to supply all vehicles that route through the station.

Previously vehicles would pick up as much fuel as they could from stations and then set off, which led to problems where some vehicles would take more fuel than needed, leaving too little for the vehicles that followed it. Now vehicles will only take the amount of fuel needed for their journey, and if there isn’t enough fuel ready, vehicles will wait until there is.


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