Sci-fi shooter ‘Arc Raiders’ catches 2023 delay

"We will be diving into more details as soon as we start to test the game more extensively with players," shared developer Embark Studios

Embark Studios has announced that free-to-play sci-fi shooter Arc Raiders has been delayed, and will now launch in 2023.

In a statement posted yesterday (August 8), Embark Studios shared that it has “made the decision to delay Arc Raiders to 2023,” and said it would be “using this extra time to expand the experience, and allow it to reach its fullest potential.”

“We will be diving into more details as soon as we start to test the game more extensively with players,” added the studio.


Arc Raiders was revealed at last year’s The Game Awards, with a trailer that showcased the game’s sci-fi setting. As detailed on Arc RaidersSteam page, the multiplayer shooter is set in a world where humans must deploy into dangerous firefights to prevent robotic invaders – known as Arc – from successfully landing from orbit.

Back in 2021, Owen Mahoney – CEO of Embark Studios’ parent company Nexon – shared more details on when Embark’s first game will launch.

“It will depend on when our developers feel they have an outstanding game that they are proud to show their closest friends,” said Mahoney. “Getting there is all about iteration, play-testing and polishing. And any game company that is experienced and who is being honest with you will tell you that this is not a linear process. Iteration is about making the game fun, and that is an art challenge, not an engineering challenge.”

Mahoney added setting a release date for Arc Raiders “would put the wrong type of pressure on the game development,” and said the game “will last many years” if it is launched in a good state, rather than developed with crunch.

In other gaming news, upcoming strategy game Marvel’s Midnight Suns has also been delayed – with Firaxis expecting the game to launch before March 2023.

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