‘Scream’ villain Ghostface is coming to ‘Among Us’ in a spooky crossover

Do you like scary imposters?

Developer InnerSloth has announced that Scream character Ghostface is coming to Among Us with new cosmetics.

Yesterday (January 14), InnerSloth revealed that a “Ghostface collab is coming soon,” and will let players pick up Ghostface-themed cosmetics to use.

The crossover coincides with the release of Scream, as the horror film also came out in UK cinemas on January 14.


Although more details on what the cosmetics will include are yet to come, Paramount Pictures has shared a video of several Scream cast members playing Among Us with streamers. The two cast members – Mason Gooding and Jack Henry Quaid – paired up with five streamers for a tense game of Among Us. You can watch the 23-minute video below.

For anyone unfamiliar with the game, it’s actually quite similar to the Scream films: in the midst of several innocent players, there is one player (sometimes several) tasked with killing every other member of the crew as an imposter. As mentioned, it’s quite similar to the whodunnit-slasher Scream, so there’s a chance that both Gooding and Quaid had an unexpected advantage coming into the matches.

When asked who the best imposter from the original Scream cast would be, Gooding named David Arquette for being “too nice to be a crew mate and too cunning to not win as an imposter,” with Quaid adding that he’d “probably suplex a lot of people”.

In NME‘s review of the latest Scream film, James McMahon awarded it a full five out of five stars and said it’s “a rollercoaster ride that never sags, racing towards a destination called euphoria”.


In other news, 343 Industries has outlined plans to change the in-game shop in Halo Infinite. Head of design Jerry Hook shared that the studio is “focused on reducing pricing across the board” and went on to discuss further changes.

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