‘Scream’s’ Ghostface is coming to ‘Call of Duty’ for Halloween

Do you like scary movies?

The iconic “Ghostface” – the masked killer in the Scream film series – appears to be crossing over into Call of Duty, where the terrifying visage will be an operator skin for Warzone in time for spooky season.

The character has not been officially introduced by publisher Activision yet, but appears to already be appearing in-game randomly for certain players. YouTuber PrestigeIsKey seems to be one such player, having uploaded a video showing the character as an operator in Black Ops Cold War.


The character has been expected to arrive in the game for months, with a leak back in August 2021 (courtesy of GameRant) revealing references to Ghostface in the game’s files. As recently as October 1, Ghostface’s appearance was being discussed widely on Twitter.

Ghostface is expected to be officially available later in October, as part of Call of Duty’s next Halloween event, rumoured to be called “All Hallow’s Eve”. If true, this would echo 2020’s “The Haunting of Verdansk” event, which also brought some horror movie hallmarks into the game – Billy the Puppet from the Saw films, and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The skins could only be purchased during the event.

Last year’s event took place from October 20, so fans – including PrestigeIsKey, above – are expecting the Ghostface event to kick off from around October 19. Other rumours point to some form of Donnie Darko crossover coming to Call of Duty too – potentially the cult favourite’s demonic rabbit-man, Frank.

Ghostface’s looming apperance in Call of Duty won’t be the masked murderer’s first gaming crossover though – he’s already shown up as a killer in Dead By Daylight.

In other news, Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar Games has finally given up the ghost on its long-mooted game Agent, scrubbing all reference to it from its site. Originally announced way back in 2009 and planned for release as a PS3 exclusive, the game had been planned as a 1970s Cold War spy game, but never seemed to make any progress.