‘Sea Of Thieves’ Forts Of The Forgotten event starts this week

The event will run until early April

Rare has released a new trailer showcasing the Forts Of The Forgotten update coming to Sea Of Thieves this week.

The event will run from March 24 to April 7, and a cinematic trailer has been released to mark the occasion. Forts Of The Forgotten is a new Adventure in Sea Of Thieves, which are time-limited events that bring new story and solo play opportunities to players.

This is the second Adventure for this year, as the first – called Shrouded Islands – started in February.


Forts Of The Forgotten will allow players to explore six different forts, with the Golden Sands Outpost being the one shown off in the trailer below.

At the end of this season of Adventures, one final Adventure will run for three weeks, and how it concludes will end up impacting the game’s lore and the world itself. Rare also explained earlier in the year that the actual outcome of these Adventures, and the game’s overall story, will be influenced by “the combined efforts and choices of the community”.

Forts Of The Forgotten is part of Sea Of Thieves sixth season, and offers players the opportunity to dock at and invade Sea Forts for wealth, or for a fort’s homestead to be defended as well.

Sea Of Thieves has seen an overhaul in its content for this year, as how Rare is presenting the game’s narrative and evolving the game’s world has come into focus.

Players can find out more about Adventures and the future of Sea Of Thieves from a video preview event that aired in January of this year.


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