‘Sea Of Thieves’ next adventure will see Merrick in the land of the dead

The new time-limited adventure starts later this month

The next limited-time adventure in Sea Of Thieves will set sail soon, and Rare released a new trailer for the event.

Called The Forsaken Hunter, the new event is set to run between June 30 and July 14, and it’ll directly follow up the victory at Golden Sands, with land of the dead-stricken Merrick making a return too.

You can see the new trailer from yesterday (June 27) below.


The trailer itself shows Merrick waking up in the land of the dead, somewhat confused. He’s invited to board a ferry that is set to take people back to the land of the living, before being set up by two unknown characters that stop him from getting away.

This event will be followed up by Sea Of Thieves Season 7, which is set to introduce Captain-based features on July 21, after the update was teased during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.

When the update drops, players will be able to captain their own ship, update a Captain’s log to chronicle their journey, customise the cabin, name their ship, put that name on the crest, customise ship loadouts and even partake in some new special Captain’s voyages.

The “Plunder pass” will also be on offer, which will let players access new Pirate Emporium items alongside Ancient Coins as season rewards. It’s currently unclear exactly how long season 7 will last, although Season 6 last from March to July, putting the upcoming Season at around four to five months potentially.

In other news, the classic version of Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has been offered after fan backlash. The poor quality of the game at launch was criticised by players, meaning each game will automatically come with the ScummVM version when purchased.