‘Sea Of Thieves’ will preview its “biggest year yet” with a stream this week

Some fans think they've already spotted glimpses of future updates

Rare has announced that a Sea Of Thieves 2022 preview event will give fans a first look at what’s coming to the pirate game later this year.

In a video shared yesterday (January 24), Rare has revealed that some of 2022’s content updates will be teased later this week.

The “Sea Of Thieves 2022 Preview Event” stream is set to start at 6PM GMT on Thursday, January 27. As described in the announcement’s description, the stream will include “a look at the adventures, mysteries and more that await you in the year ahead.”


Although fans will have to wait until January 27 to see what’s coming, the video teases that “2022 is set to be the biggest year yet for Sea Of Thieves” and adds that the upcoming livestream will offer “exclusive first looks at what to expect for the next season and beyond.”

As EuroGamer notes, fans have been able to spot glimpses of some of those updates in the announcement video. In the video, the Golden Sands outpost looks to have been destroyed, while there’s also a shot of a giant stone fortress.

Although the video has only been live for one day, some fans think they already know where the fortress will appear on the map because someone recognised a rock in the background of the shot. Another sleuth also found that Belle is visible in the trailer, a character that used to appear in much of the original Sea Of Thieves marketing.

Although Rare seems to have big plans for Sea Of Thieves in 2022, it will be hard to top the previous year. In 2021, Rare added a Pirates Of The Caribbean expansion to Sea Of Thieves in a Disney crossover that saw Jack Sparrow and more join the game.


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