‘Shredders’ release date might have been leaked

So when's it time to shred?

Contrary to the information on the official Twitter page, the Xbox game page for Shredders claims a March release.

An update to snowboarding game “by boarders, for boarders” ShreddersXbox game page has put the official release date as March 17, 2022, as reported by The Loadout. This is in direct conflict with their official Twitter page which claims it will be released in February.

As it is only a small discrepancy in dates, some have suspected that the Xbox page has just been updated sooner than the Twitter page. However, the account updated its pinned tweet just a few hours ago, without updating the date in its bio. The new pinned tweet announces that Shredders will also be available via Steam.


The Steam page still has the vague release window of “this winter”. With this being the most recent official update it could be that the PC and Xbox launch will be separate dates.  The comments on the tweet are the most illuminating.

When asked for a release date the account replies “Super soon!! As soon as we pass QA we’ll be able to announce a release date.” It goes on to add that Shredders has not yet passed through certification.

As such it could be that the game has passed through certification and Xbox was informed before the developers. Or that the release date is simply an error on Xbox’s end. Either way Shredders is looking to be released as a timed Xbox Series X/S exclusive soon, and will arrive on Xbox Game Pass day one.

In other news, Capcom has claimed record profits in its latest financial reportResident Evil Village has sold almost 6million copies, while Resident Evil VII has sold over a million copies for its sixth consecutive year.

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