Sierra Entertainment founders revealed to be working on a new game

One of video game history's most iconic teams appears to be returning to development

The news that Sierra Entertainment’s founders are working on a new game has recently surfaced, and appears to have been confirmed.

Ken and Roberta Williams, the founders of Sierra, were reported to be working on a new game, having started six months ago. The news was broken by YouTuber Space Quest Historian, who was contacted by a third party involved in the game’s development.


SQH was initially skeptical of these claims, but a Facebook message from Ken Williams confirmed: “he is right, and it is true!” Although nothing official has been announced about the game, fans are already excited at the prospect of a new single-player game in the Sierra style.

Sierra Entertainment garnered a distinct reputation in the ‘80s and ‘90s with its unique flavour of point-and-click adventure games. Ken and Roberta Williams’ company were responsible for IPs such as King’s Quest, Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry, and several Half-Life spin-offs.

Although the company officially dissolved in 2008, Activision briefly revived them to re-release some of their classic games. In 2014, Sierra Entertainment received the Industry Icon award during The Game Awards.

In other news, the creator of iconic point-and-click series Syberia passed away last week whilst battling a long-term illness. Benoît Sokal was a Belgian comic book artist and video game developer best known for his work on the Syberia series, which he was still actively working on.

The Microids team described Sokal as “a true visionary and extremely talented artist”. “Benoît left an indelible mark on Microids’ history. He worked hard to share his vision with the world,” added the team.