‘Silent Hill 2’ players have fixed a 20-year-old PC bug

The patch rebuilds the game's streaming audio engine to ensure stability

A new fan-made PC patch for Silent Hill 2 has fixed one of the game’s most infamous 20-year-old bugs.

As reported by PC Gamer, the new patch entitled Silent Hill: Enhanced Edition Version 2.0 is currently available to download for PC and addresses the game’s audio crashing issue.

The bug that has been present within the game since its release 20 years ago would occur when the audio engine would interfere with multi-core CPUs. But the Enhanced Edition Version 2.0 patch seems to have solved the problem.


The team behind the Silent Hill 2 patch have rebuilt the game’s streaming audio engine from the ground up to ensure stability on multi-core CPUs. The patch has also managed to solve a few other stuttering issues within the horror game and even adds some new graphical adjustments, among other bug fixes.

Unfortunately, those hoping to play the classic Konami title with the newly released fan patch will need a physical version of the PC port as digital storefronts such as Steam don’t sell it. Fans do continue to sell used copies on eBay to this day, but they seem to be charging up to £70.

Silent Hill 2 was originally released back in 2001 for the PlayStation 2. In the same year, a PC port was released while also re-released on PS2 as a Greatest Hits version, which includes all bonus content from the Xbox port. In 2012, Konami released a high-definition version for PS3 and Xbox 360 as part of the Silent Hill HD Collection.

For the past few years, fans have hoped for a new Silent Hill game from Konami. Originally, Hideo Kojima’s P.T. was intended to be a new title in the series named Silent Hills but was later cancelled.

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