‘Sims 4 Cottage Living’ expansion has broken a lot of the base game

Not the kind of bugs you'd get on a farm

The Sims 4’s latest expansion pack, Cottage Living, has recently been released, bringing with it a whole host of new features (and new glitches).

Many fans pre-ordered Cottage Living through EA’s Origin storefront but were unhappy with the difficulties presented on release day. For many, the game would not download or appear in their library, and some also found their pre-order bonus items missing.

The Sims official Twitter account responded to these concerns, releasing the pre-order Cottage Living bonus items to anyone who purchases the pack before September 2.


The Tweet urged Sims 4 players to get in contact if they were still experiencing issues, which by then appeared to have spread to the rest of the game.

Many who had purchased the Cottage Living expansion then found that the rest of their base game or other expansions were affected by bugs and glitches. Some of these were shared in the Facebook group ‘The Sims 4 Community’ with fixes and mods being shared amongst members for the time being.

Issues with the fridge item and storing things inside it appear to be common, as well as pathing issues and problems where Sims get stuck doing the same task over and over.

Tasks also appear to be missing on occasion, including the options to have a “Quick Meal” or follow a Sim to work.


Some of these issues may have been linked to the Sims 4 Update version 1.44, which coincided with the release of Cottage Living. The update refined camera movement, notebooks, and introduced a long-awaited water terrain tool and pond effects among other things.