‘Sims 4’ devs say roadmap will focus on “improving content” already in-game

It seems werewolves won't making their way to the game just yet

According to The Sims 4 developers, the game’s roadmap is focusing on improving the content that is already in the game.

In a new blog post, developer Maxis responded to player forum questions, with one asking about the possibility of adding more occult characters such as werewolves (thanks, PCGamesN).

“We definitely hear the occult fans’ strong desire for werewolves, faeries, and zombies in The Sims 4,” Maxis said. “We can’t confirm at this time when they’ll make their way into the game but rest assured, we would want to put as much love and thoughtfulness into them as we did for Vampires and Spellcasters.”


The developer explained that, for now, “our roadmap continues to be focused on improving content that is in the game” although the devs ask fans to prepare for a “relaxing refresh of one our existing Game Packs coming soon”.

The Sims 4
The Sims 4. Credit: Electronic Arts

Maxis also mentioned that it’s currently in the process of updating NPC’s in The Sims 4, “including visuals as well as their lore”.

Last month, EA and Maxis released the brand-new Sims 4 expansion pack, Cottage Living. Cottage Living saw the addition of a brand new location, build and clothing items, as well as the long-requested pond tool. The pack also allows players to live their farm lifestyle by looking after animals and harvesting crops.

Shortly after its release, many players who pre-ordered the game through EA’s Origin launcher were experiencing a bug where the game wouldn’t download or appear in the library – however, the glitch was soon fixed soon after.


Meanwhile, EA has announced updated Manager and Player Career modes for FIFA 2022.

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