Sir. Trevor McDonald has been confirmed as the new ‘GamesMaster’

Only knights allowed

Taking over from Sir. Patrick Moore, who held the title of Games Master from 1992-1998, Sir. Trevor McDonald will now be giving out gaming advice in the reboot of the first ever television programme dedicated to video games.

Scheduled for release later this year on E4, Channel 4 announced its hosting line-up for GamesMaster in September. The show will be presented by Robert Florence, of Consolevania and VideoGaiden fame, esports announcer, Frankie Ward, and social media creator, Ty Logan.

Today (October 25) gamesradar+, which is also under the Future Publishing brand, confirmed that Sir. Trevor McDonald will take over the titular role of Games Master following months of speculation.



In a statement, McDonald said “I am delighted to be taking on this iconic role for a new generation of viewers.”

Fans of the show have taken to social media to express their approval for the choice. Twitch Partner and retro gaming YouTuber, Kim Justice, called the casting “Unexpected? But a GOOD choice.” Continuing to add “Sir Trev fits the bill, an iconic immediately recognisable voice that’s been on the telly for absolute donkey’s years.”

Dan Driver of the SegaGuys podcast tweeted “I think it’s the perfect choice! Honestly cannot think of a better candidate with the presence, delivery and grace to do the GamesMaster justice.”

In other news, a new teaser trailer for The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me has come out, and looks to be more focused on gore than previous titles in the series.