‘Skater XL’ introduces free 10-player multiplayer skate mode

Because skateboarding is better with friends

Skater XL, the physics-based skateboarding game which features real-world locations, has introduced a free multiplayer skate game mode.

Developer Easy Day Studios released the mode earlier this week in a free update. Players can now skate with up to ten of their friends in the online mode or join a public room. The update also features the ability to save and replay footage in multiplayer, with the same level of functionality seen in single player.

The team also discussed how they started working on the multiplayer aspect months ago in a blog on Playstation’s website. Easy Day Studio’s director of marketing Jeff Gofroth said that “smooth frame rates and a lag-free experience” are important elements in the Skater XL experience.


“Alongside the development on the multiplayer features, work began back in January on optimizing many of the systems and assets in the rest of the game,” added Goforth. Developers reworked the code for 3D assets, lighting and shaders, ensuring optimal performance with the added demand of up to ten players.

A trailer for the multiplayer mode released earlier this week (August 6) featuring numerous professional skateboarders, including Evan Smith, Tiago Lemos and Brandon Westgate. Each skater in the trailer is a playable character within the game.

Skater XL launched July last year on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It features a focus on free skating over trick-based modes like those seen in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. NME reviewed the game at release and called it a “McTwist that doesn’t quite stick the landing,” adding “but boy does it look good in the air”.

In other gaming news, Turtle Rock, the developer behind Back 4 Blood, has confirmed the game will not feature a Left 4 Dead inspired versus campaign. This is a popular mode amongst fans of the classic zombie shooter, and as such, many players were hoping Back 4 Blood would feature a similar mode.

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