‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ is causing crashes by loading mods too quickly

An irritating black screen crash is caused by Bethesda's game running...too well?

Players in Skyrim Anniversary Edition are encountering a black screen after loading bug, which one modder says is due to the upgraded game loading mods too fast.

Since the launch of Skyrim Anniversary Edition yesterday (November 11), players who have downloaded mods are encountering an issue where the game crashes after the loading screen.

According to a Reddit thread by JosephRussell97 (thanks, PC Gamer), creator of the Lucien mod, the Skyrim Anniversary Edition is crashing because it’s actually loading the scripts behind each mod too quickly.


“It was a bit inconsistent, and worse for some reason when using Alternate Start. After some digging through my papyrus logs, I theorised that what was happening was the script was running faster than it used to,” explains Russell.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Credit: Bethesda

“This meant that when the player loaded the game, Inigo’s esp was detected, so the game tried to grab his reference to put into the alias. However, as the script was running so fast, Inigo’s reference hadn’t had time to load, so the script was attempting to fill the alias with a NULL, causing a crash.”

Luckily, Russell was able to fix Skyrim Anniversary Edition crashing by adding a three second delay to the script that checks mods, “giving all references time to load before my script ran”.

The update has been pushed to the mod page for Lucien. While it’s good news that the issue has been identified and patched around early, it suggests that there may be some teething problems for modding in the new version of Skyrim.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Bethesda gave one modder early access to Skyrim Anniversary Edition to prevent a “modpocalypse”.


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