‘Skyrim’ board game is partly a prequel to the video game

I used to be a board game piece like you, but then I took a dice roll to the knee

Parts of the upcoming Skyrim board game will be set before the events of the game, and include younger versions of characters from the Bethesda title.

This comes from a Polygon interview from earlier today (November 2), where game designer for the tabletop Juan Echenique said: “The first campaign is 25 years before [the events of the video game], so you get to meet some of the [non-player characters] from Skyrim, but 25 years before when they were a young adventurer and then they take an arrow to the knee — and that happens!

“The second campaign starts before the arrival of the Dragonborn,” Echenique continues, “and then ends after the arrival of the Dragonborn. So you get to see all the events that the Dragonborn causes. You’ll cross paths with the Dragonborn — they’re just a different character — and it’s really fun to watch that from afar.”


Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Skyrim Anniversary Edition. Credit: Bethesda

Developed by Modiphius Entertainment – who also make Elder Scrolls miniatures and the Fallout tabletop games – more can be learned about the title at its official fundraiser page.

Officially titled Skyrim – The Adventure Game, it houses up to four players who work as a team in relatively short game sessions. The game will include six playable characters, each based on an iconic race from the series.

Modiphius founder Chris Birch said: “Imagine you’re climbing the face of a six-sided pyramid, and we’re all climbing towards the top; one big finale. But on my pyramid, I can go up the right, I can go up the left, I can go up the center. So I’ve got multiple choices to get to the top of my side of the story with my play style. But there are six other sides.”

Elsewhere in the realm of Skyrim, new content coming to the anniversary edition of the game includes questions and items based around previous titles Morrowind and Oblivion.


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