‘Skyrim’ modders have created a ‘Breath Of The Wild’ style paraglider

That's one way to travel across Skyrim

A brand new mod adds Link’s paraglider from Breath Of The Wild to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and it’s completely operational.

The “Skyrim’s Paraglider” mod was created by modders LokiWasTaken and NickNak and is a replica of the paraglider Link uses in the open-world Nintendo Switch game (thanks, PCGamesN).

The modders explained that the mod took “nearly six months in development after various hurdles and issues, it’s finally reached a playable, working state and is ready to be released.”


A Skyrim player shared a video on Reddit of them using the glider in a modded out version of their game. The clip shows the player jumping off a bridge before activating the paraglider, resulting in them flying through the air and it seems to work really well.

The paragliding mod is awesome from skyrim

Players can download the mod from Nexus Mods where you can also read more about its details. The requirements page explains you’ll need SKSE, Nemesis, and Address Library – all three of these mods are utilities created to help the more complicated mods run the correct way.

It is also recommended the user download True Directional Movement, which can be used alongside the paraglider mod to make the gameplay feel smoother.

True Directional Movement is a recently released mod that overhauls the original Skyrim gameplay, replacing it with a  modern-day third-person feel. With this mod installed, the player is able to move and attack in any direction, use custom target locking, and rotate the camera 360 degrees.

The mod also has target head tracking, projectile aim support, replaces the hud with boss health bars, and even more.


In other news, a Skyrim player was able to enable 500 mods at once, showing off the results with a stunning gameplay video running in 4K.

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