‘Sonic Colours: Ultimate’ glitches are being “assessed” – patch soon

Some issues are emulator related though

After a number of bugs and glitches were reported for Sonic Colours: Ultimate, the team responsible has announced it is investigating the matter.

Over the weekend, many clips were shared across social media demonstrating bugs, glitches, and crashes affecting Sonic Colours: Ultimate, primarily on the Nintendo Switch.

Since then, the social media manager for the Sonic brand, Katie Chrzanowski, has responded via Twitter explaining that the teams are “listening and assessing for an upcoming patch”.


As she notes though, some graphical issues were caused by an emulator which is outside of the team’s control. Therefore, she has requested that people with legitimate issues reach out via the Sega Support site to help the team figure out where the issues lie faster.

Despite the initial concern that the crashes and glitches may solely relate to emulator use, VGC has tracked down other sites reporting problems with the game including Nintendo World Report and GameXplain.

GameXplain tweeted a video montage of graphical glitches to highlight the problem.

Some glitches can reportedly be forced by opening each of the game’s world maps then quitting out of them, thereby affecting the game’s stability and causing Sonic’s character model to deform and for quickly flashing bright colours to be displayed.


At NME, we received a PlayStation 4 review copy and have not been able to replicate the issues so it looks like the problem mainly affects the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate is released tomorrow (September 7) although owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition have had early access since September 3.

Last month, there were reports that a physical release of the game had been delayed in Europe due to “unforeseen logistical issues”. No new date has been set yet.

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