‘Sonic Colours: Ultimate’ patch on Switch fixes potential seizure issues

The patch also addresses a number of other bugs and glitches criticised by Switch owners

A patch for the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Colours: Ultimate, which also fixes an issue that could cause seizures, is now available.

Sega deployed the 1.0.4 patch yesterday (September 14), which it said would be the “first of several” patches, and while this one has been addressing specific issues with the Switch release, it has promised patch for “all platforms” in the “near future”.

While there are no detailed patch notes, Switch owners who had early access to Sonic Colours: Ultimate previously took to social media sharing the bugs and crashes affecting the game.


Of the many clips that showed weird graphical glitches or bugs that resulted in Sonic falling through the level, at least one of these included a visual glitch that a Twitter user added “seizure warning” to.

The issues were quickly picked up by Sega when social media manager for the Sonic brand, Katie Chrzanowski, responded on Twitter that the teams are “listening and assessing for an upcoming patch”.

While the patch should resolve most of the reported issues, she did however note at the time that some graphical issues were caused by an emulator, which is outside of the team’s control.

Seizure-triggering visuals have been occurring in more games recently, after last year’s Cyberpunk 2077 featured sequences that could induce epileptic seizures, while Balan Wonderworld was also flagged with warnings of a seizure-inducing bug in its pre-release version.


Elsewhere, industry insiders have suggested that Battlefield 2042 could be facing a delay into 2022, which could be announced as soon as later this week.

This would follow delays of other major titles this week, which include Total War: Warhammer 3 being pushed back to 2022, while Dying Light 2 has also been delayed to 2022.