‘Sonic Frontiers’ now has seven minutes of new and uninterrupted footage

The footage shows off Sonic's traversal capabilities

Seven minutes of Sonic Frontiers’ open-zone action has been released online by Sega.

The video comes as part of the IGN First coverage of the game and has been uploaded to the IGN YouTube channel. In it, we get to see Sonic traversing the open world with his signature high-speed running, wall running and climbing, platforming, and rail grinding. It seems like some of Sonic’s moves from previous 3D outings are returning, such as the homing attack and ability to boost.

You can check out the footage below:



As for the open world itself, what’s been shown so far is relatively indistinct and realistic looking vast fields, a far cry from the likes of Green Hill Zone. There seems to be a few different activities, including some puzzle-solving, and a device that operates similarly to a hamster wheel that appears to highlight parts of the map, but the footage mostly focusses on movement and the scale of the game.

Despite having only seen the one biome so far, the game takes place across multiple islands, meaning the players will likely be seeing a range of different areas.

While the hardware the footage is being captured on is unspecified, there appears to be some performance issues, including some jarring pop-in and dips in frame rate. Sonic Team still has a little while until release, so hopefully these issues can be ironed out.

Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Frontiers gameplay footage. CREDIT: Sega


It’s worth noting that the game has already received an internal delay to polish up its quality, initially being scheduled to release last year for the 30th anniversary of the franchise.

IGN will be posting more information and footage of the game throughout June, as senior editorial producer Mitchell Saltzman confirmed on Twitter that another video is releasing on June 3 focussing on the revamped combat for the game.

Sonic Frontiers is slated to release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch later this year.

In other news, Shenmue’s creator Yu Suzuki is releasing a game on Apple Arcade.

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