‘Sons Of The Forest’ patch introduces hang gliding and a new boss fight

The latest update adds some nasty surprises hiding in trees

Sons Of The Forest has received its first major patch since launching in Early Access, with developer Endnight Games adding a hang glider, a “mid game” boss fight, and more.

Patch 1 was released last night (March 9) and includes a number of new items and features for players to dig up.

In terms of new content, the patch introduces binoculars and hang gliders for players to use while exploring, along with the ability to build defensive wall gates at their base.


On the topic of bases, players can now lock their doors and grab small furniture they have built.

While those changes should prove helpful to players, other additions will make Sons Of The Forest much more challenging. Survivors will now run into a “mid game boss fight” in the island’s food bunker, while regular cannibals now have the ability to jump out from trees to attack players.

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest. Credit: Endnight Games

Additionally, cannibal villages can now utilise lookout towers, making it harder for players to infiltrate or escape from the settlements.

Finally, Endnight Games has teased the addition of “some additional story elements,” though has left the details for players to discover in-game.

Outside of new features, the first big patch for Sons Of The Forest also brings a long list of balance tweaks and bug fixes. One highlight includes a fix for Kelvin chopping down trees that have player buildings attached, while other changes include shotgun damage being halved and fixes for a number of bugs that were getting in the way of players building.


The full patch notes can be found here.

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