Sony facing lawsuit for allegedly hiding PS5 defects

Sony allegedly hid console crashes and game progress losses knowingly

A new class action lawsuit has been brought against Sony by plaintiff Christina Trejo in an Illinois court, alleging that it has knowingly concealed defects in the PlayStation 5 console.

Illinois resident Trejo filed the lawsuit on July 12 and alleges that Sony knowingly hid the fact that the PS5 has a fault which causes frequent crashes and loss of in-game progress. Trejo states that Sony knew about the defect through “warranty repair requests and online consumer complaints.”

This isn’t the first lawsuit Sony has faced regarding the PS5 console, as last year it faced one against alleged “stick drift” issues in the PS5 Dualsense controller (via, IGN). Whilst this gained traction due to seemingly being a common issue amongst owners of the console, the current lawsuit allegations don’t appear to be affecting the PS5 community at large.


PS5 White
PlayStation 5. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

According to the complaint, the PS5 defect causes the console to suddenly shut off power whilst the user is playing a game, often leading to loss of progress. Trejo stated in their complaint: “While the PS5 can be used for many entertainment purposes, playing video games on the console is its primary function. The console defect affects users’ ability to play video games and compromises the primary function and overall usage of the PS5.”

Trejo is suing for violations of the Illinois consumer laws, for breach warranty and unjust enrichment, and seeks certification of the class action, damages, fees, costs and a jury trial. If the claim has legitimate grounds it could be a serious concern for Sony.

The PS5 has seen incredible success since its launch in late 2020, with more than 19million units being sold worldwide.

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