Sony is advertising a ‘PC planning and strategy’ senior director role

The listing mentions working with Epic Games and Steam

Sony appears to be hiring a senior director for PC planning and strategy, according to a recent job listing that has appeared online.

As spotted by PC Gamer, Sony is currently hiring for a PC planning and strategy role. The description for the role notes that the candidate will be “responsible for the strategy and commercial activity within Global Channel sales and will deliver a single, optimised PC Sales growth and commercial plan to hub and territory teams to implement.”

It notes that the candidate will work with various partners, highlighting both Epic Games and Steam. The responsibilities listed don’t point towards any particular hints of games that Sony wants to bring to PC and more focus on corporate needs like developing and implementing a global PC store strategy and process and delivering a PC budget.


A screenshot from God of War
God of War. Credit: Santa Monica Studio.

In October last year, Sony officially created the PlayStation PC label for its PC game releases. Earlier in the same month, ex-CEO at Sony Shawn Layden explained why he decided to bring formerly PlayStation console exclusives to PC. “The strategy as we were developing it when I was there was that we need to go out to where these new customers are, these new fans could be,” said Layden.

“Why not take one of our top-selling games, which has already blown up the marketplace, already been out there for 18 months, 24 months…and bring that to the personal computer platform?”

Sony began releasing its first-party games on PC in August 2020, when Horizon: Zero Dawn launched on Steam and the Epic Games Store. The following year, Days Gone also released on PC, and 2018’s God of War arrived on PC in January of this year. As well as that, the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be making its way to PC later this year.

In other news, Ubisoft has officially revealed a new third-person shooter called Project Q after several leaks emerged covering the game.