Space shooter ‘Everspace 2’ will leave Early Access in April

The PC version will be launching before its Xbox Series X|S counterpart

Rockfish Games has announced that the PC version of spaceship shooter Everspace 2 will be leaving Early Access next month.

The PC release date for Everspace 2 was announced during ID@Xbox‘s showcase today (February 6), where Rockfish co-founder and CEO Michael Schade confirmed that it will be launching on April 6.

However, the Xbox Series X|S version of the game won’t be launching fully until summer 2023.


For those who will be playing for the first time in April, Everspace 2 is a “semi-open-world” looter-shooter where players are given command of their own spaceship to explore with. In the ID@Xbox showcase, Rockfish shared a look at several of the game’s planets and systems along with their dangers.

Schade has shared that there will be over 100 locations for players to discover in Everspace 2, along with nine different ship classes to utilise. Some of the planets on offer include one ravaged by lava, while another allows players to pilot their ships underwater. As for the ships themselves, Rockfish demonstrated that they are heavily customisable – from paint jobs and cockpit glass colour to bigger things, like the ship’s structure.

Rockfish also shared a look at Everspace 2‘s endgame content, which Schade says takes place roughly 30 hours into the campaign – though he added that completionists will spend up to 100 hours ticking everything off.

One of the endgame features includes rifts that players can explore for better gear. These rifts will have a scalable risk and reward meter, meaning players can choose to tackle tougher rifts for better loot.

Beyond Everspace 2, this week’s ID@Xbox showcase also revealed another look at 2D platformer Planet Of Lana, Lovecraftian detective adventure The Last Case Of Benedict Fox, and sci-fi farming simulator Lightyear Frontier.


In other gaming news, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be removing a series of titles from the Xbox 360 Marketplace later this month.

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