‘Speed Brawl’ and ‘Tharsis’ are free this week on Epic Games Store

Defy the odds in space, and race to punch the most things

Epic Games Store has released its next set of weekly free games. This time around, it’s Tharsis and Speed Brawl.

The latest freebies to hit the Epic Games Store are Tharsis and Speed Brawl. The former is a dice-based survival game about a crew trying to make it to Mars. The latter is a momentum brawler in which players speed through levels as quickly as possible using a team of brawlers.

Tharsis is a strategy game developed and published by Choice Provisions. A mysterious signal has been detected coming from the Tharsis region of Mars. A ship has been sent out to investigate but is hit by disaster as a micrometeor storm rips up the hull and crew.


This is where the player steps in to try and turn the failing mission into a success. Each crew member has an allocation of dice that can be used when performing actions throughout the ship. These dice determine how much progress they make. The micrometeor storm caused some havoc for sure, but that’s going to be one of the easiest problems players face. Disasters will constantly assail the ship, and managing these crises while relying on the luck of the dice leads to tense and tactical gameplay.

Speed Brawl was developed and published by Double Stallion Games and is the second game free on the Epic Games Store this week. The game takes place in an alternate history Britain. In this version of history, an alien race attacked but was beaten back. In their defeat, they came under the control of a man who chose to use them as foes in a competitive sport. This sport is Speed Brawl.

Players can choose from six brawlers to take on the gauntlet. Each brawler has a unique fighting style and can be upgraded to tailor their combat further. To achieve gold, players must defeat foes as quickly and efficiently as possible using combos and special moves. The faster you clear a stage, the better your result. Speed Brawl can also be played in local or online coop for its entire campaign.

Both games will be available for free on the Epic Games Store until September 23.


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