‘Splatoon 3’ coming to Nintendo Switch this September

The bow and arrow were shown off in a multiplayer match

Splatoon 3 is officially launching on Nintendo Switch this September, and a new gameplay trailer shows off an entire multiplayer match in the upcoming game.

Nintendo has announced that Splatoon 3 is launching September 9 this year, and in a new trailer featuring a full match of Turf War, fans can get a look at how the third entry in the series differs from its predecessors.

Immediately the biggest difference is in how a round kicks off, as a match starts with name banners on both sides of the screen – with player names visible – all of which seem to be customisable. Whilst players would start all on the same pad on either end of the stage in the first two Splatoon games, they now fly in on some kind of machine, and aim specifically where they want to land on their side of the map.


There are also a variety of new weapons and special abilities that make their debut in Splatoon 3. The trailer gives us a look at the bow and arrow in action, which is a new take on the sniper. Unlike the sniper, it doesn’t have a line of sight, allowing some stealthier action. If the arrows miss and hit the ground, they turn into bombs with a very small area of effect blast.

Specials-wise, one of the more unique additions lets players hookshot around the stage for a short period of time. Doing so quickly allows players to zone in on a particular area, but once the special has run out the player is transported back to where they activated it.

As seen in previous trailers, another special summons a small crab-like tank. It operates similarly to Overwatch‘s Wrecking Ball, as players can transform into a ball to get around.

Earlier this week (April 19), Nintendo brought the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 forward to July 29, when it was originally expected to launch in September. Now that Splatoon 3 is set to be released in September, the change in release date for Xenoblade makes more sense.


In other news, Nintendo has been accused of prohibiting unionisation at the company, though it claims that this is not the case.

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