Players will be able to try ‘Splatoon 3’ early via free “Splatfest”

The 12-hour challenge launches later this month

Nintendo has confirmed players will be able to try Splatoon 3 later this month, via a limited-time Splatfest.

Announced during a dedicated Splatoon 3 Direct, the free-to-play Splatfest will run from 9AM to 9PM local time on August 27.

Acting as a demo for the game, the Splatfest will see players “pick a team based on the announced theme, then settle the outcome via battle.” The theme for the 2022 event is Rock, Paper Scissors, with three corresponding teams to choose from.


According to the Direct, the actual Splatfest consists of two halves. The first is a four vs four turf war battle, while the second sees the winning team of four take on two opponents from each losing team in a special tricolour turf war.

Players can pre-load the demo now, ready for the event later this month.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to access the Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere demo,” says Nintendo. “Everyone who downloads the demo will receive a code redeemable for a 7-day free trial,” that must be redeemed by September 1, 2022.

The Splatoon 3 Direct also confirmed Nintendo’s roadmap for post-release content. 

The game will launch with 12 playable maps on September 9, with more to be added via free updates. Players can also look forward to new catalogs and weapons every three months alongside x battle and league battle modes.


Nintendo has also confirmed it’s planning “large scale paid DLC” for Splatoon 3.

In other news, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has revealed there have been “quite a few attempts” at making a video game set within the Breaking Bad universe.

As well as talk of creating something with Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto, Gilligan revealed they’d also worked on a groundbreaking experience for PSVR but neither projects worked out.

Because of how popular both Breaking Bad and spin-off prequel/sequel Better Call Saul have been, Gilligan said that anything set in that universe has to be “great. Execution is everything.” He finished up by telling fans he “wouldn’t hold your breath about a video game.”