‘Splitgate’ celebrates Halloween with aptly-named Spookygate update

Splitgate is feeling decidedly...spookier

Splitgate is getting into the Halloween spirit, as 1047 Games has released a host of seasonal skins and changes within the Spookygate update.

With the Spookygate update, players can earn three fan-created weapon skins by participating in the limited-time Halloween challenges. These challenges are available to complete until November 1.

Earlier in the month, 1047 Studios ran a competition to determine which fan-made skins would be added to the game for Halloween. The winners were the ‘Candy Corn’ assault rifle skin by Youreashotgun, the ‘Foresight’ carbine skin by Visions, and the ‘Pixelspook’ pistol makeover by Multih. All three of the winning skins can be spotted in the video below.


Outside of the fan-made skins, the Spookygate update has also revealed multiple Jack-O-Lantern-themed skins and emotes that can be picked up in Splitgate this month.

Players will also enjoy a variety of Halloween game modes on the Spooky Stadium map overhaul. Decorated for the occasion, the map now includes cobwebs and “red dye” splashed across the map, as well as piles of skulls and wax candles littering the corners.

Unfortunately, players on PS4 and PS5 consoles will have to wait before playing Spooky Stadium. As reported by the official Splitgate Twitter account, the map is causing crashes for PlayStation players. This has caused the 24/7 Stadium playlist to be moved to 24/7 Impact.

Outside of the festive changes, the update also makes several long-term changes to Splitgate. Portals should now be easier to re-place after being set down, and kill cams will now include the player’s banner that killed you.


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