‘Splitgate’ update introduces proper mantling and Nvidia Reflex support

With this update, expect even more ways to get around

In a recent update, 1047 Games has changed the way mantling works in Splitgate, as well as introduced a host of quality of life features.

Launched today (September 28), the Splitgate update has changed the way that players will climb over ledges in the game. As described in a press release, the changes to mantling mean “players are now able to climb ledges with far more freedom, allowing more strategic verticality in combat”.

The update also adds Nvidia Reflex support for PC players, software that is designed to minimise the effects of latency within multiplayer games. Nvidia Reflex can be toggled on by navigating to ‘settings’, then to ‘advanced’, and finally toggling the Nvidia Reflex Low Latency option to ‘On + Boost’.


Splitgate gun
Splitgate. Credit: 1047 Games

Fixes for voice chat improvements have also been implemented, meaning it should no longer drop out across platforms during matches. A bug that was causing crashes on Karman Station has also been fixed, meaning that the map will be reintroduced to rotation.

Speaking of rotations, Splitgate will now get a featured playlist that changes every weekend to offer a mix of different modes.

1047 Games has lofty plans for Splitgate. After securing $100million (£72.288million) in funding earlier in the month, CEO Ian ‘CardinalSoldier’ Proulx said that fans can expect “better and more frequent updates to Splitgate” as the team can use this funding to expand.

Proulx also said that he only views Splitgate as being around 25 per cent complete right now, and wanted his studio to become “the next Riot Games“.


In other news, Hideaki Nishino – senior vice president of platform experience at Sony – has said that his team is “diligently working” to add even more features to the PS5, including many that have been requested by the community. This follows a major update in September, which added SSD expansion support and 3D audio.