‘Squirrel With A Gun’ lets you commit crimes against humanity

I'm here to eat acorns and kick butt

Squirrel With A Gun has been taking the internet by storm over the past few days, partly due to the game being exactly what it says in the title.

The action adventure game is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 by Daniel DeEntremont, an indie game creator. This is their first game, and it’s already proven to be pretty popular on social media. The latest trailer has already racked up 5,500 retweets on Twitter, and has been reposted on TikTok thousands of times.


Squirrel With A Gun is part shooter, part exploration game. Players can use the recoil of each weapon to boost off of the ground and climb up to high places. The squirrel is also being pursued by agents who will try to attack them, but a well-timed parry can deflect melee moves. Apart from that, we don’t really know too much about the upcoming game –  the core gameplay seems to involve doing crimes, and generally terrorising a neighbourhood. Players can mug people, hold them up at gunpoint, and break into houses with guns blazing.

“Talk with residents of the neighborhood and help them out for goodies. Or mug them for goodies,” reads the game’s Steam page, which adds that players can use gun recoil to elevate the squirrel to help with platforming.

Squirrel With a Gun. Credit: Daniel DeEntremont

There’s no release date for Squirrel With A Gun currently, but with the recent buzz hopefully we’ll hear more sooner rather than later. It’s only listed on Steam at the moment  – you can wishlist it here.

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