‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ invincibility bug is being fixed after being reported in October

DICE has promised "it will be fixed"

EA DICE has promised that it will fix Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s invincibility bug, which was reported last year.

Back in October, a number of Battlefront 2 players started reporting a bug that found every character in the lobby to be unkillable. The “invincibility” bug has been ongoing since and finds players unable to go below 1HP, leading to many matches being continuously left. However, DICE has finally addressed the issue.

As reported by IGN, a DICE community manager has confirmed in a Reddit post about Battlefield 2042 that the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 bug will be fixed after a fan asked about the possibility of it being addressed.


“With folks only just returning to the office this past week, progress has understandably (and unfortunately) been slow through the holidays,” the community manager said. “However progress was made towards getting a fix in place, it will be fixed, and we’ll keep you all updated when they can do so.”

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released in 2017 and went on to receive additional content as new sequel trilogy movies were released. However, EA confirmed in 2020 that The Battle On Scarif update would be the game’s final update.

In November, Star Wars Battlefront‘s former creative director, Dennis Brännvall shared that he had “some kickass ideas” for a third game before it was rejected by EA. “It’s taking me quite a while to get over the frustration, but now I look back upon my entire stay with fondness and wish everyone nothing but the best,” he said. “I had some kickass ideas for SWBF3 [Star Wars Battlefront 3] though.”

In the meantime, Final Fantasy 14’s annual Halloween event – All Saints’ Wake – releases this week and will feature brand new obtainable items to celebrate the occasion.

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