‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ getting new expansion ‘Legacy Of The Sith’

The expansion will mark the MMO's 10th anniversary

BioWare has announced a new expansion for its MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic called Legacy Of The Sith.

In a post on the official website, Legacy of the Sith is described as “the starting point to a full year of galactic intrigue, conflict, and mystery”.

The expansion will “send players to the darkest depths and farthest reaches of the galaxy and unlock the ability to choose your personal combat style, allowing for more options than ever before when it comes to living and breathing your own Star Wars fantasy.”


A new storyline will involve battling for control of the aquatic planet of Manaan, which will unlock a new base of operations for the player’s faction, along with a new daily area.

Another storyline takes players to the planet Elom, discovering a ruined Sith Fortress which will be playable both as a solo experience and multiplayer Flashpoint. A new R-4 Anomaly Operation will also task players with taking down an obscure Sith cult.

Legacy of the Sith also kicks off a new Galactic Season titled Shadows of the Underworld, which features new rewards themed around the Shadow Syndicate. Also, it includes a host of quality-of-life improvements based on player feedback.

The expansion will also introduce combat styles so that players can separate their class story from gameplay style, allowing for greater customisation.

For instance, players can be a Trooper wielding a sniper rifle, or a Sith Inquisitor with dual-wielding lightsabers, or a member of the Jedi Order who secretly uses Dark Side powers – all of which can be swapped out between playstyles and gear “with a click”.


Legacy Of The Sith will be free to subscribers of Star Wars: The Old Republic and is set to launch at the end of 2021, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the MMO.

Last month, it was announced that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had surpassed more than 20million players worldwide. The game is now available on next-gen platforms and is a free upgrade for existing users.

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