‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ reveals Legacy Of The Sith release date

Somehow, Darth Malus returned

Bioware has announced a release date for Legacy Of The Sith, the next expansion for sci-fi MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Legacy Of The Sith will be released on December 14, 2021, and Bioware has released a dramatic teaser trailer to announce the date.

The brief video reveals the return of Darth Malgus returning, who proclaims that “it’s time to break free” from centuries of Sith and Jedi rule.


While the trailer doesn’t give too much for fans to go off, developers for the MMO have shared some news on what Legacy Of The Sith will bring.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic. Credit: Bioware.

Charles Boyd, creative director for Star Wars: The Old Republic, has shared that “mechanically, we’re doing more in this expansion than maybe anything we’ve ever done”.

Part of the new content in Legacy Of The Sith is a new operation – the R-4 anomaly. The operation sends players to take on an evil cult that is “obsessed with how the dark side of the force can intersect with technology”.

Legacy Of The Sith will also introduce several new characters to the game. Empire-aligned players will be interacting more with Imperial officer Colonel Korrd, and a Sith called Darth Norok. Republic players will speak with Colonel Gallo, the leader of Selkath special forces.

Star Wars: The Old Republic. Credit: Bioware.


The expansion will also bring some “general modernisation changes” and, in more important news, will let players choose from all combat styles across all classes. Boyd explains this by saying, “if you want to be a Mandalorian bounty hunter who uses a sweet disintegration sniper rifle, before you couldn’t – now you can”.

Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers will also have the option to switch between two combat styles, assuming they’re not in combat at the time.

Looking ahead, Bioware claims that the upcoming update will begin “a foundation year” that will mark “the start of the next ten years” of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

In other news, an Age Of Empires 4 roadmap has detailed all upcoming content, including creation tools and more.

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