‘Stardew Valley’ could have already had its last update

According to the Stardew Valley creator

Stardew Valley creator, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, has explained he doesn’t know if there will be another update for the game, as he’s focused on his next title.

First reported by Eurogamer, Barone answered a handful of questions from the community at the end of the first official Stardew Valley Cup on Twitch. Speaking with Zach “UnsurpassableZ” Hartman, one of the questions was about mods that allow players to marry the non-marriageable people in the game. Barone explained that having almost everyone in the game be marriageable would be “just a tonne of work” and “that’s the main reason why I haven’t added more people”

He went on to explain that “to have someone become a marriage candidate, that means I have to add a lot of dialogue and at least two more events, and those events take a lot of time. It may seem like it’s not that big of a deal, but they take a huge amount of time. There’s a lot of other stuff – you have to make the spouse room. There’s just a lot to it. So that’s the reason why I haven’t just added more marriage candidates. But there’s no reason why I’m opposed to having more. I think it would be fun.”


Adding to the potential, he noted that he has two existing NPCs in mind who would make good marriage candidates but explained that this isn’t in active development.

As Barone put it, “I’m not saying there’s going to be another Stardew Valley update” but that “[he doesn’t] even know at this point…Right now, I am focused on my next game”.

Few details were offered on the next game but Barone was able to say that it’s “another pixel art game [with] a top-down perspective similar to Stardew Valley” and that “it’s kind of similar to Stardew Valley, but it’s not a farming game”. We’ll have to wait and see for more details in the future.

The first official Stardew Valley Cup offered a $40k prize fund for skilled virtual farmers to compete over.

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