‘Stardew Valley’ mod adds viral cat stars Jean and Jorts

The famous feline duo will wander Pelican Town and encourage farmers to unionise

A new Stardew Valley mod adds viral cat stars – Jean and Jorts – to the game and players are very excited.

Jean and Jorts are a pair of its that came to fame via an Am I The Asshole (AITA) thread on Reddit. The two cats caused some bother in the workplace thanks to their adorably cute (if dimwitted at times) antics. The whole Reddit thread explains just why they became such viral stars – in short, they’re quite the characters and the twists and turns have to be read to be believed.

From Reddit, the two cats now have their own Twitter account with more than 145,000 followers, plus they have even featured on CNN.


Stardew Valley Jean and Jorts mod.
Stardew Valley Jean and Jorts mod. Credit: ConcernedApe/tiakall

Now, they are also unofficial NPCs in Stardew Valley thanks to the Jorts and Jean the Helper Cats mod. The mod is available on NexusMods. The description explains that the cats are “giftable, friendable, and have a plethora of things to say”. They are “cross compatible with many other custom NPCs” and they “feature two events tied to the Reddit AITA post”. Twitter followers of the cats should also expect to see “some familiar lines too”.

The cats can be added to an in-progress game at any point. They won’t start wandering around until after the Joja landslide is cleared. Their schedule sees them roaming far and wide although they stay in the Adventurer’s Guild on rainy days. After all, do any cats like getting wet? Also, they’re very big on forming unions.

According to PC Gamer, the mod makers have plans to add events, visits to the resort, and more cross-mod dialogue in the future.

In other gaming news, Nintendo has acquired SRD after 40 years of collaboration with the firm.

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