‘Starfield’ modders are already making a community patch

'Fallout' and 'Elder Scrolls' launches seem to have influenced modders to be prepared

A group of modders are already putting a patch together in preparation for Starfield, assuming the state of the game’s launch after other Bethesda open-world titles.

Called the Starfield Community Patch (via PCGamesN), this collective effort from a number of modders aims to “fix bugs, errors and other inconsistencies present in the game,” before it’s even out yet.

The mod page for the upcoming Starfield mod lists the scope of the project, which includes fixing: misplaced objects, script errors, inconsistencies in item properties, faulty quests, game-breaking exploits, missing attributes like tags and spelling errors.


It doesn’t intend to fix new content, any balance changes (outside “obvious errors”) and tweaks that are not in keeping with the game’s “original vision.”

Starfield shooting
Starfield. Credit: Bethesda.

As the Starfield Community Patch is open to all players anyone can contribute, but there is a core team behind it as well.

“The Community Patch (in whole or in part) should never require payment to access, this includes any “early access” builds,” reads the mod page. “The patch itself will allow donations and will earn reward points via the Nexus Mods Donation Points Scheme. These donations will be distributed (as fairly as possible) among the core contributors to the project. The details of which should be posted publicly for accountability.”

Anyone wanting to discuss the project further with the core team can do so via the Discord, found here.

When Starfield releases sometime next year, it will apparently include the biggest individual city Bethesda has ever made. Director Todd Howard said the city of New Atlantis “has all the services you would expect, and you can work on your ship there.”


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