‘Starfield’ videos show three major cities and fish drugs

Psychotropic fish and wolf-velociraptor hybrids

Bethesda has given players brief videos to look at the concept work for three of Starfield’s cities, along with some new details.

Starfield is coming to Xbox and PC sometime in 2022, and Bethesda has begun sharing details about the worlds players will be able to explore. Three of the major cities have had brief details shared about them in Developer insight videos. The videos were originally shared only to members of Starfields mailing list, Constellation.

The videos are narrated by the design director at Bethesda, Emil Pagliarolo. The first video shows the city of New Atlantis. “The capital city of the united colonies, or UC. The most powerful established military and political faction in the game. The city is a true melting pot, and its residents come from every race, creed, and ethnicity. In a lot of ways, New Atlantis is a true reflection of the future of our world.”


The second video shows Akila city, “the capital of the Freestar collective. A loose confederation of three distinct star systems. The city itself is home to a variety of people. Still, they all have one thing in common, they believe in the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality.” Large walls surround Akila city to protect its people from “alien predators that are a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor.”

The final Starfield video shows the city of Neon. A pleasure city on a vast aquatic world. It originally began life as a fishing platform, but it was soon discovered that one of the fishes had psychotropic properties. This became the drug Aurora and is illegal everywhere except in the city of Neon. “People come from all over to experience it and everything else Neon has to offer.”

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