Steam rejects ‘Holodexxx’ VR sex experience

The clear rules don't appear to stop devs from trying

VR sex experience game Holodexxx, has been rejected by Steam after multiple attempts at submission from developers.

Steam called the game “video pornography”, according to a recent blog post by Holodexxx. In its first iteration, Holodexxx featured a nudity-free “PG-13” experience.

A virtual model of actor Riley Reid was used in the first version, along with other fully-scanned female actors.


Steam also rejected Super Seducer 3 earlier in the year on grounds of “sexually explicit images of real people”, although Holodexxx claims the exact reasoning of the rejection of their game remains unclear.

The second attempt at producing a publishable game was entitled Meet Marley, which was also rejected. The game featured a naked 3D model of adult performer Marley Brinx, whose body could be inspected fully.

Holodexxx suspect Meet Marley may have fallen foul of multiple rules, including the exclusion of “Non-interactive 360 VR Videos”, as Steam currently requires games to be playable.

On a third attempt, Holodexxx attempted to circumvent this with a playable game called Holodexxx Home. It included interactive scenes in which a chatbot system enables communication between the player and another scan of Marley Brinx. This series of interactions eventually lead to explicit sexual contact.

According to the developers, in this latest submission “Euphoria [Brinx] is undressed by the Player through a series of VR interactions, and teases herself to a climax”. Steam once again rejected this application.


The official rules and guidelines for developers on Steam state that “non-game software”, as well as “sexually explicit images of real people”, and “non-interactive 360 VR videos” are on the list of things the company will not publish at this time.

Despite the ban from Steam, Holodexxx said: “Virtual sex is great, and we unabashedly create pro-lewd content”.