Stranger Things to crossover with ‘Magic: the Gathering’ and ‘SMITE’

Stranger Things enters the worlds of 'SMITE' and 'Magic: The Gathering'

Hi-Rez’s deity smashing MOBA has teased a crossover with Stranger Things while Magic: the Gathering announces a Secret Lair drop featuring artwork from the series.

Hi-Rez announced on Twitter that Stranger Things will be making an appearance in SMITE. More info is due to be released at the Summer Game Fest later today but until then we do not know what form the crossover will take. No dates have been announced for the SMITE crossover.


Wizards of the Coast has also announced that Magic: the Gathering will be releasing a new secret lair drop with cards themed around the characters and locations of Stranger Things. The set is listed as coming soon.

The cards come as part of the “Universes Beyond” secret lair drops which aim to include other franchises in the long-running card game while keeping them separate from more competitive focused releases.

So far Universes Beyond has announced cards from Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of The Rings. These cards will have exclusive art and mechanics that are unique to the theme of the set.

Secret lair drops are limited run sets that are made to order. Hopeful collectors will need to keep an eye on the secret lair announcements if they want to ensure the addition of some Stranger Things cards to their collections.

SMITE has previously had one crossover with the record label Monstercat. The pack included four skins inspired by the work of Monstercat’s artists and allowed players to choose four of their songs to replace SMITE’s default soundtrack. It is likely the Stranger Things pack will contain similar items.

Both announcements come as part of Netflix’s geeked week which has seen announcements for a variety of Netflix properties.


Another Wizards of the Coast property, Dungeons and Dragons, is getting a co-op looter Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance. NME got to play it at a preview session and our thoughts are available here.

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