‘Stray’ beats ‘God Of War’ as Steam’s best user-rated game of 2022

The game has an 8.61 score based on 42,665 votes

Stray has become 2022’s highest user-rated game on Steam so far, overtaking God Of War.

Annapurna Interactive‘s post-apocalyptic cat adventure game is now this year’s current highest-rated game by its Steam users (via VGC and SkillUp).

That’s according to Steam250, which assigns Steam games a score determined by players’ negative or positive reviews. These are then combined to show how players reviewed them.


Stray is currently sitting at a score of 8.61 based on 42,665 votes, of which 98 per cent are positive. The game has now surpassed Sony Santa Monica‘s God Of War which previously held the number one spot. That game is now sitting at number two with a score of 8.56, based on 53,101 votes and 97 per cent positive reviews.

Stray. Credit: BlueTwelve Studios.
Stray. Credit: BlueTwelve Studios.

Despite being the highest user-rated game right now, Stray has yet to make it to Steam250’s all-time chart.

Stray and God Of War are currently followed by PowerWash Simulator, Teardown, Dorfromantik, Neon White, The Looker, Wobbledogs, The Planet Crafter, and Raft.

Stray launched on July 19 for PC, PS4 and PS5. One day after its release, it was confirmed that the game broke the concurrent player record for any Annapurna Interactive published game on Steam ever. This made it the studio’s biggest PC launch of all time.

In NME’s three-star review, Jordan Oloman said: “Stray is a beautiful game, and a fun cat simulator with some smart ideas, but one that misses its true potential thanks to an unnecessary helping of trope-ish design, and an unwillingness to ruminate on its most intriguing characters and themes.”


In other news, a newly released demo for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 mod, We Don’t Go To Ravenholm, recreates the level’s eerie atmosphere. The mod brings “players the familiar feel, atmosphere and action of the original Ravenholm from Half-Life 2.”

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