‘Stray Souls’ psychological horror game releases an alpha demo

Get an early look at some pretty spooks

Jukai Studio has released a playable alpha demo for its upcoming psychological horror game Stray Souls, available on Steam.

Jukai announced that a demo would be coming and suggested that “Stray Souls” may not be the title when the game is released. But for now, those eager to try out the game can grab the demo from Steam.

The Steam page describes Stray Souls as “a third-person psychological horror game with small sections where you play as other characters from a first-person perspective. [The] game has a lot of puzzles, psychological elements, combat and action elements that the player will have to deal with. Huge number of dialogues and player choices make the game more interesting and allow you to identify with the characters like never before.”


The features listed say that Stray Souls will have randomised elements to make each playthrough unique. There will also be branching dialogue that allows players to determine the ending of each paythrough. Systems such as the Ouija board were designed using accounts of real-life interactions.

Stray Souls will also feature the Metahuman technology Epic introduced with Unreal Engine 5. The system will be used to capture and display facial mocap, saying, “you’ll see the fear on the characters faces which is crucial to the authentic experience we are striving to create!”

Narrative details are sparse, but there is a cryptic hint. “Stray Souls tells a very dark story about a teenager named Daniel who has to face his past. On his way, he meets a girl named Martha who seems to know a lot more about Daniel than he might think.”

In other news, The Game Awards has released a tweet that has some fans thinking that characters from The Matrix: Resurrections may make their way into Fortnite.