‘Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition’ March update brings major balance changes

You can also get new filters and tracksuit colours

Capcom has revealed balance changes that will be included in the Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition March 29 update, as well a few smaller new features for long-time fans.

With Street Fighter 6 now announced, it’s possible the updates for the previous game will slow down or stop entirely, and Capcom is calling this one the “definitive update”. These balance changes are significant ones, with the likes of Kage finally having a proper “hadoken” fireball move.


A lot of the changes are things only fans who are heavily into Street Fighter 5 might notice, such as the fact one of Ryu’s target combos now launches the opponent, and can cancel out of it into special moves. A few new EX-moves have been added as well, and Rose can combo are her throw during V-Trigger 2.

It’s not uncommon for such large changes to be made to the meta as a game is coming to the end of it’s lifecycle, but this will require some re-learning for the pros. Outside of the balance changes there are two new filters for offline play: cel-shading filter, and pixel filter, while you can also get new tracksuit colours.

A screenshot from Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V. Credit: Capcom.

But perhaps best of all outside of those gameplay changes, are the “Cap-Jam” remixes in the game. These are remixes of various fighters’ theme tunes done by the Cap-Jams team, the official Capcom band that changes members for each project.

The Cap-Jams team has released plenty of music to Spotify, with extra tracks from Monster Hunter Rise and other official soundtracks all available on the streaming platform.


In other news, Supermassive Games is teaming up with 2K for a summer blockbuster horror title with plenty of stars. The Quarry is coming this June, and we now know the cast list includes names like David Arquette and Ariel Winter.