‘Street Fighter 6’ officially unveiled by Capcom

Prepare your fireballs now

Street Fighter 6 has officially been announced by Capcom after a week-long countdown timer suggested it was coming.

A teaser trailer released on Twitter and YouTube gave little away about the game. However, it does reveal an improved visual style and a new logo for the game. It also depicts everyone’s favourite character, Ryu, as he faces off new challenger, Luke. Luke is the 45th and final character in the Street Fighter 5 roster. Previously, he has been teased to be a key role in the next project – i.e. Street Fighter 6.

Capcom followed up the teaser trailer by saying that more Street Fighter 6 news is coming Summer 2022.


The announcement came as part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final esports tournament. Capcom added that it was developing the game “with the aim of elevating the fighting game genre to a new level in the world of esports”. In addition, the game will utilise “cutting-edge development technology to produce an enthralling game experience”.

Last week, Capcom unveiled a countdown timer leading up to the announcement that occurred yesterday (Sunday February 20).

It has not yet been announced what platforms Street Fighter 6 will be released for.

Elsewhere in gaming, Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be free to play next weekend. It’s part of Ubisoft’s promotion of the game’s 1.5 update.


Also, a Spyro 4 fan game is being made in Dreams and there’s a new demo and trailer of it.

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