Street Fighter V Winter Update confirms new characters and new mechanic

EDM Star Steve Aoki also unveils merch and music collaborations with Capcom

Street Fighter V’s Winter Update detailed a new wealth of content that’s coming to the fighting game this year.

One surprise came from the confirmation of new character Eleven who joins Rose, Dan, Oros and Akira in the Season 5 roster.

This character, who mimics other fighters, comes as a bonus for players who buy the Season 5 Pass and isn’t part of the original line-up, meaning there is still one fighter to confirm for this season.


While the Twitch stream was primarily showcasing the moves of returning characters Rose and Dan, as well as their accompanying stages, Capcom also introduced a new ‘V-Shift’ mechanic.

Using one bar of your V-gauge, this defensive mechanic allows players to escape sticky situations with a backdash that slows time, which is invincible to throws, and also lets you counter with a ‘V-Shift Break’ attack.

Dan will be the first fighter to be released this season on February 22, which also comes with a new free alternative training stage.

The new season pass comes in two flavours, the Character Pass or Premium Pass. Both will include all new fighters coming to Season 5 as well as five battle costumes but the latter will throw in even more costumes, two new stages as well as 100,000 Fight Money for use with buying in-game cosmetics.

That’s not all, as EDM star Steve Aoki also dropped in as a guest on the stream to share his love of Street Fighter via three special collaborations from his Dim Mak record label and fashion brand.


First, there’s merchandise with a variety of Street Fighter-themed apparel, the full collection which can be found on the Dim Mak website.

There’s also a limited edition countertop arcade cabinet made in partnership with Arcade1Up. However, this is limited to just 30 units, which have naturally already sold out.

The big treat however is that Aoki has done a remix of the theme song for his favourite fighter Ryu. Titled ‘Ryu’s Theme (The Moe’s Pizzeria Steve Aoki Remix)’, it’s available to listen from February 19.

Coinciding with the game’s fifth anniversary, there’s also currently a free trial of Street Fighter V running until February 24. This free trial of Street Fighter V: Championship Edition includes the entire character roster from Season 1-4.

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