Subset Games has “multiple prototypes” in the works, but no plans to return to ‘FTL’

The studio's debut hit 'Faster Than Light' also started life as a prototype that wasn't meant to be sold

Into The Breach developer Subset Games has revealed that it has “multiple prototypes” for potential games in the works, though it currently has no plans to return to its debut sci-fi strategy FTL: Faster Than Light.

The studio’s comments were made as part of a Reddit Q&A last night (January 16), where it fielded questions ranging from the studio’s future to the development of its 2012 breakout hit Faster Than Light.

When asked about the next game it has planned, Subset Games admitted that it doesn’t know just yet – but shared it has a few potential games in the works, though nothing may come of them.


“We don’t know what’s next,” reads the studio’s answer. “We’re happy to have released the Advanced Edition update for Into the Breach last summer. And we’ve been working on multiple prototypes over the years since the original Into the Breach launch. We do not know if any of those prototypes will become a game.”

In a separate answer, Subset Games added that while it’s “not tied to any specific theme” just yet, the studio is partial to making sci-fi games because “it’s easier to make up reasons for something to exist if you’re operating in sci-fi or fantasy.”

Though nothing is set in stone just yet, it’s worth remembering that Faster Than Light started life as a prototype that was never intended to be sold. During the Q&A, Subset Studios shared that the sci-fi strategy was “developed without the intention to actually sell it. We were just making a prototype to act as a resume builder so we could get different jobs in the game industry.”

However, Subset Games also confirmed that it has no plans to return to Faster Than Light right now.

“Sorry, at this point we don’t have any plans to return to FTL,” the studio confirmed. “Of course that could always change in the distant future, but for now we’re happy with the game as it is.”


Last June, Into The Breach received a surprise Advanced Edition update that brought the sci-fi strategy to mobile platforms and added heaps of new content.

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